Accountability Health Care Inc.







These words form the basis for Accountability Health Care Inc.’s unique approach to meeting the complex needs of patients on a timely basis. Definitions of each may vary, but we believe that in combination they enable us to intervene and deliver the type of quality care that positively impacts the health of all patients in what ever home centric environment.


A consistency of diagnosis and plan

Based on standard of assessment and evidence based treatment.

A consistency of care

The treatment plan determines the appropriate interval of care and providers who are physically present, can intervene to face the variables of patient care.


Top quality care comes about by the sharing of current (and past) patient information and an active collaboration among all caregivers. We encourage clear communication between our providers, all home centric providers, and family members to coordinate the most appropriate care.

Rehab/Long Term Care Patients

We understand that a rehab patient has very different care requirement than a long term care patient. For the acutely ill, we increase visit frequency for rehab patients using our teams of MD’s and NP’s. Our electronic medial record allows us to have a means of setting appointment dates that insure that all patients are seen when eligible under the care plan vs.

some arbitrary calendar interval.

To remain until the job is done

No day in the facility is exactly the same, but what remains consistent is our commitment to address all acute needs before ending our visit.

After hour calls

We use RN’s specifically trained and exclusively employed in triaging the after hours calls with back up MD’s and NP’s for support. You can be sure that after hours calls will be handled quickly and with a similar sense of urgency that prompted the call in the first place.

A commitment to developing the appropriate technology platform

We have developed an electronic medical record that allows all providers and home personnel to share updated patient information. We also have been successful in marrying our data sets with those of the home, cutting down significantly in the administrative costs of operating on paper records.

Results in:

• Early recognition and treatment of complications and/or changes in patient condition with improved pt. outcomes and reduction in re-hospitalizations

• Management of poly pharmacy

• Make timely monitoring of lab and diagnostic results

• Meetings with any home centric staff and family members

• Rehab patients that have a better opportunity to return to the community

• Long term patients receive appropriate level and of care

• Reduction in cost of medications

• Greater patient and family satisfaction.









Experience You Can Trust

The providers in our group have over 150 years of combined experience in caring for our seniors including long term care and rehab, assisted living, and those living in congregated living facilities as well as those living at home. Our doctors and nurse practitioners visit the patients as often as warranted to ensure that health issues are recognized early and appropriate interventions are put into place thereby attaining quality care as well as reducing costs to our health care system.